Having consolidated our solution offering in the telecom network design and implementation, we have expanded our operations into related domains of enterprise communications and alternative energy solutions.

The company’s operations are structured into 3 divisions

The services we offer are:
  • Telecom Network and infrastructure solutions
  • Enterprise ICT/ELV solutions
  • Alternative Energy Solutions

Telecom Network and infrastructure solutions
Network Planning & Design

In the age of stiff competition, smart handsets and increasingly sophisticated users, network quality is of paramount importance for telecom service providers for staying ahead of competition. Since most of these network planning and optimization projects will typically require substantial short to medium term increases in competent manpower, telecom operators would generally prefer to outsource such planning and optimization services to specialized technical service provider like WENET.

WENET has the technical knowhow as well as proven system and processes to support large scale radio network planning. Our team has successfully performed radio network planning and pre-launch optimization for more than 8000 new and swaps sites for various technologies v.i.z. GSM, CDMA, LTE, WiMAX and Broadband networks.. Typically, our scope of work includes capacity planning, traffic dimensioning, frequency and parameter planning, frequency allocation, model tuning, RF, line of sight (LOS) survey, (TSSR) survey and drive test.

Our resources are experts in developing the most appropriate RF and Transmission solutions to the customers. We Network has a team of qualified design consultants, surveyors and draftsmen well versed with GIS, Autocad and Network Engineer Tool, with years of experience in network planning, design and optimization

The following are the typical examples of the planning and design activities we under take.

Transmission Planning & Design
  • Evaluation of the Existing network and expansion plans
  • Detailed study of the Evolution of existing transmission network
  • TSSR (Tropo/Satellite Support Radio)survey
  • LOS (Line of Sight) survey
  • Capacity Planning and Up-gradation.
  • Transmission Network planning
  • MW link level planning and analysis.
  • Drive test
RF Planning and Design
  • Evaluating Exiting radio network
  • CW Propagation model tuning
  • Candidate Selection
  • TSS Frequency Planning
  • Frequency allocation and Hopping.
  • Frequency and neighbors planning
  • Hierarchical Cell structure Capacity Planning
  • Coverage planning capacity analysis
  • New Sector and New Site addition
  • Up gradations
  • Traffic analysis and Management
Network Benchmarking & Optimization

Radio network benchmarking is a critical ongoing network monitoring and management activity of every mobile network operator. In dynamic scenario of network traffic demands, it's imperative to reduce the operational cost through consistent optimization of the network elements. In telecom network of the existing networks every critical attribute of the access link that is susceptible is monitored and performance is analyzed. Our professional RF consultants provide assistance in determining the metrics which will usually comprise coverage area, accessibility and integrity of the existing networks. Through detailed collection and analysis of both operations statistics and drive test data, major performance-affecting problems on a cell, BSC and network level will be identified and highlighted. As a part of our Radio Network Benchmarking services, the performance of a particular network will be measured and compared against the performance of competing networks

This will reveal valuable insights on the competitive strengths and weaknesses of a particular network against its competitors – information which is extremely useful not just to the network manager for network improvement purposes, but also its marketing department for the formulation of marketing related activities. Any trend towards performance deterioration is identified and focused network performance improvement and optimization program will be carried out.

We have the experience of executing large scale RF continuous optimization - for projects involving more than 40,000 TRXs simultaneously.

Network Deployment & Rollout

WENET offers complete solution for implementing network infrastructures, which include survey, civil works, electrical works, telecom Infrastructure –Supply, mounting and installation of Towers ,Shelter ,Power plant ,Diesel Generators, Installation and commission of 2g, 3g, LTE, Wimax and broadband network. We have the Expertise to build Cell sites, OFC network, FTTKH network, NOC, BSC, MSC, Data center, Security systems for telecom operators. We Network LLC offer a comprehensive network rollout solution to the telecom operators and equipment vendors.

Network Operations & Maintenance

WENET, offers very cost effective service to telecom operators and helps to provide high-performance network to their valuable customers with affordable operation expenses.

Our core strength is to provide customer service level agreement based preventive maintenance, pro-active maintenance, break down maintenance and spare management system. We Network LLC have the expertise, and skilled resources required to maintain and support complex multi-technology wireless as well as fixed telecommunications infrastructure.

Our Operation & Maintenance service facilitates telecom operators to offer high-performance network to their valuable customers with reasonable operational expenses.

WENET have the expertise to manage entire network with network reasonable cost, which enables telco's to reduce OPEX significantly.

Our field operations maintenance contract includes the responsibility for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of, BSC/RNC and transmission equipment as well as base station/Node B sites. We act as a field extension of our customers’ Tier-2/3 network engineering teams and perform a variety of corrective maintenance under the direction of the engineering team.

Some typical examples of our OMS activities include the following:

  • On-site corrective maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Regularly scheduled and ad-hoc preventative maintenance activities
  • Hardware spares management
  • Post-acceptance RF optimization
  • Implementation of network performance analysis as well as performance improvement
  • Power and environmental system maintenance
  • Transmission and microwave system maintenance
  • Implementation of software update and bug fixes
  • In Building Services

    Comprehensive outdoor coverage alone is no longer acceptable to the millions of cellular phone users who are fast using their cellular handsets and other mobile devices as substitutes for their fixed telephone and internet lines. The ability of mobile operators to provide comprehensive and seamless coverage in indoor environment such as shopping malls, high rise offices, airport, hospitals and even underground car parks and subways is becoming a minimum service requirement. In crowded places like shopping malls, conferences, festival cities, exhibition centres etc, network engineering needs to be done to ensure network availability to all subscriber. Studies all over the world have concluded that good seamless in-building cellular coverage is now a basic hygiene need, and is now a key factor to customer satisfaction and improved ARPU.

    We Network has a proven track record for the provisioning of full turnkey in-building solutions. We have experiences implementing in-building coverage solutions for buildings of all forms, shapes and sizes for mobile operators across the region. Our range of in-building solutions include passive, hybrid, fully active as well as more cost effective off-air repeater solutions. Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages. We will look into customer perspective when recommending the most suitable solution for each and every building scenario, taking into account building-specific constraints, traffic volume as well as ongoing operational cost and maintainability of the system.

    In-building Solutions (IBS) are solutions that provides mobile coverage inside buildings, where the coverage, capacity or quality otherwise would not had been satisfactory. In-building Solutions are increasingly deployed and introduced to mobile networks, as user demands for “everywhere coverage” are matched by the opportunity for mobile operators to offer improved services and increase traffic revenues. Measurements show that up to 80% of the traffic generated from an in-building site.

    People nowadays to a large extent also expect their mobile phones to work inside shopping malls, airports, metros, offices, hotels etc, and increasingly in places such as road and train tunnels, elevators and underground garages. Present and future mobile Internet services with high data rates provide numerous opportunities for the operators where tailor-made application packages may be introduced to satisfy any end-user service requirement at for example an office, airport, exhibition centre or subway station, conference centre, hotel or shopping mall.

    WENET has the expertise to implement different architecture of in-building solutions. Dedicated Radio Base Stations, RBSs, that are connected to Distributed Antenna Systems, DASs, are commonly implemented solutions. These solutions provide additional capacity as well as covers “black holes” inside different kinds of buildings. A number of different types of both RBSs and DASs are available and the solutions can be customized for different buildings and needs. Repeaters are often used for buildings with a limited need for capacity, but where additional coverage is needed, like road tunnels and smaller buildings or parts of buildings.

    Rapid Deployment Solution

    Some areas require special solutions which include compact area difficult to deploy a site or temporary solution requirement due to environmental impact. In such situations Rapid Deployment Solution Is the ultimate alternative to the traditional deployment concept. This solution offers exclusive advantages in infrastructure deployment like; quickness, simplicity and cost efficiency. It consists of a dimensional and transportable modular foundation that allows a complete built-up of the System in a record time.

    Its features make it unique:

  • Non-invasive installation that allows a clean and rapid deployment.
  • Only one visit required for a complete System assembly.
  • Equally simple to deploy both mono and multi carrier infrastructures, which even allows the coexistence of different technologies.
  • Solution with towers up to 60m
  • Minimum footprint can be placed in any compact area as less as (4m * 4m).
  • Permits the deployment independently of weather conditions.
  • The installation is transportable and can de easily reallocated without leaving any footprint.
  • Installable in any environment and independent to local resources for an exhaustive control of time and costs.
  • Storable. Permits a logistic plan much more efficient (just need to know the deployment configuration to take the necessary elements from the warehouse).
  • Can be easily moved to any other location.
  • Extendable. It can be easily extended, dynamically adapted to customer requirements, by adding modules that conform the foundation.
  • Facility to “Green System” adaptation. Allows integration of solar and eolic power energy solutions without modifying the installed infrastructure
  • Our most unique rapidly deployable solutions are as follows:

    GRD Monopole –It is an on-ground RDS which is a very cost effective solution which is rapidly deployable within 12 hours even on the worst soils. No excavation work is required and the solution is also re-locatable.

    Cell on wheels (COW) – A very common temporary solution which can be installed within hours. It can easily be re-located.


    We Network LLC offer its customer with alternative energy solution in form of Solar Hybrid System and Diesel Hybrid Systems.A solar hybrid system implement intelligent alternate working mode of solar and batteries, maximizes solar energy utilization efficiency and provides the most economical power which includes leading Solar max technology, Modular based converter and remote energy management.

    Diesel hybrid systems implements intelligent alternate working mode of D.G. and batteries, improves fuel energy conversion efficiency and reduces D.G. running time which includes leading diesel max technology, integrated design, remote energy management, support solar power. With complete solution which includes designing and deployment, we offer the energy management solutions to better management of power consumption in order to reduce the cost of energy by balancing the CAPEX and OPEX.

    Enterprise IT Solutions
    Structured Cabling

    WENET offers a whole range of IT Infrastructure solutions, services & software for enterprise customers. From improving operational efficiency to customer responsiveness; an integrated & innovative networking solution is essential for your business. WENET provides an integrated system-based network solution that meets the needs of your organization regardless of its size. Our partnership with the world leaders in data centre and telecom infrastructure solutions and our focus in providing lifecycle service excellence defines us as your ideal partner in data center & networking solutions. We help you in making your network a platform for innovative services that improve customer experience. Solutions offered are as follows:

    Structured Cabling Solutions

    WE NETWORK is the authorized Business Partner and System Integrator for the R&M, 3M and Systimax Structured Cabling Solutions, leaders in structured cabling systems. We have gained expertise through our continued dedication in designing and execution the system architecture by expert project managers, certified engineers and installers. We offer design, installation, testing & commissioning of data, voice & fiber optic networks

    Intelligent Building Networks

    WE NETWORK provides a proven and robust Intelligent Building Network platform. For example, single cable solution for structured connectivity of data / voice /fire alarm / access control / HVAC and security systems

    Data Networking, Data Security and Wireless LAN
    Data Networking Solutions

    WE NETWORK provides the complete design of segmented and partitioned Data Network back bone which comprises of core access and edge switching. Modern day ELV networks adopts IP technology for data communication, security, access control, telephony, IPTV and digital signage applications. However they needed differentiated and segmented architecture to ensure smooth functioning. The design can be optimized with State of the art SDN. (Switched Data Networks)

    Wireless communications

    WE NETWORK provides the complete design testing and implementation of Wireless communication solutions from leading global vendors for wireless to enable smooth transmission of voice and high- speed last mile wireless data connectivity to the end user’s equipment. We analyze the user requirement from the access, security, expansion and technology upgrading perspective.

    Network Security & Management

    WE NETWORK offers state of the art Network Security and Management tools to enable customer data to be more secured and manageable. Our dedication towards solution offered to implement and customize the tools according to the customer need put us in the top of the market

    CCTV, Access Control, Security Surveillance Solutions

    The global security solutions market undergoing tremendous changes with innovation and launching of new models every year. Our unique strategic partnership with global leaders enable us with strong understanding of industry challenges and cutting edge solutions that we implement and address most of the security requirements in all the industry sectors. WE Network LLC specializes in design, implementation and commissioning of large and complex Security & Surveillance systems & projects for its customers.

    We are accomplished experts in offering turnkey solutions including design, procurement, execution and maintenance for the following solutions:

    Security & Fire Alarm Systems

    WE NETWORK offers Security & Fire Alarm Systems from leading manufactures like vantage U.K. and CCTV surveillance (IP and Analog) system solution from infinova, USA & HIKVISION Communications (IP Solution) for offices, public places, shopping complexes, large enterprises, banks, villas and residences

    Metal Detector System / Body Scanner / Baggage Scanner

    WE NETWORK offers these ranges of solutions for sensitive access areas from world renowned supplier Westminister (UK). We have provided our products and services to governmental and non-governmental organizations

    • Managed services
    • Professional Services
    • Maintenance and Support
    • Security